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mob object area Description
medit oedit aedit Used to enter edit mode for the mob/object/area you want to attach triggers to.
addmprog addoprog addaprog Add a trigger to mob/object/area that will call a prog when condition is met.
delmprog deloprog delaprog Remove a trigger
mpdump opdump apdump Dump the code of a prog (by vnum).
mprun oprun aprun Manually run prog without a trigger.
mpedit opedit apedit 'create <vnum>' to create new prog, or just vnum as argument to edit.
code code code Enter the code editor from m/o/apedit mode.
security security security Change the prog security level.
lua Toggle whether mprog uses lua or 'standard' mprog interpreter.
luai luai luai Enter lua interpreter mode for target game object (see help luai for syntax).

Other helpful commands

Command Arguments Description Example
vlist object, mob, room, mprog, oprog, aprog List the used vnums for the type given in the current area
vnum name List all mobs and objects matching the name given.
grep see help search for all types of game objects filtered by given criteria
wiznet see various info messages from the game wiznet on,wiznet bug on

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