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Sender Vodur~
Date Fri Jun 16 00:49:37 2017~
Stamp 1497588608
Expire 1507956584
To imm~
Subject removing -m32 flag~
I propose to remove -m32 flag from makefile.
What we gain from this is mostly future pain of setting up 32-bit build
dependencies on 64-bit systems (as we've all done by now).
Potential issues, as far as I understand, would be if we have code that assumes
size of types. Here are the sizes with and without -m32.

-m32 no -m32
The size of int 4 4
The size of short 2 2
The size of long 4 8
The size of float 4 4
The size of double 8 8
The size of long double 12 16
The size of char 1 1
The size of enum 4 4
The size of pointer 4 8
So only long, long double, and pointer sizes have changed. This being the case
I say the risk of issues from size change is low.

I verified code can compile and run just fine without -m32. Only issue I see at
the moment is there is casting between void * and int in hunt.c which gets a
warning since they are different sizes with no -m32.


P.S.: On a related note, we are currently using gcc 6.2.1 on the host right now
(through scl devtoolset-6), which for some reason can't link libstdc++ 32-bit,
so if/when we do start adding C++ code, we would need to turn -m32 off or go
back to gcc 4.1.2.

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