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REDIT Room Edit

This should be the first stap of the actual building of an area.
Rooms are probably the most important things in an area.
To make a new room, type 'redit create <vnum>'.
To edit the room you are in, type 'redit'.
To edit an existing room somewhere else, type 'redit <vnum>'.
Yeah, this is easy you will think now… Well, it is!
To see the room as it is and to see what you can change in a room, just type
'show' or press return with an empty line. You will want to leave
redit too after you're tired of trying to come up with new places, do this
by typing 'done'. It IS that hard!

Room names

This should be pretty obvious by itself (like the rest isn't), so type
'name <room name>' and that should be over.
Try not to give a room name flashing colors or a background color or
something like that, we're making a place for people to walk around in
without getting blinded.

The room description

The most important thing about a room is probably the room description.
There are few real rules about room descriptions, there are however some
guidelines to make a room look good.
is just annoying.
- Avoid room descriptions of only one or two lines.
- Try to avoid the use the word 'you' or 'your' in room descriptions.
- Try not to type things that happen in a room. You can type something like
'The screams of tortured victims echo through the room.' But something like
'You trip over some dead corpses and fall flat on your face!' isn't really
good, because if you've been standing in the room for an hour and look then,
this doesn't look real. There are exceptions to all of this, but then again,
these are not rules, just some guidelines.
To edit the room description you must of course be in redit first, then
type 'desc'.
You will now be in the description editor. As you see, this is similar to
(the same as) note writing. Whatever you write will now be added to the room
description. Don't worry about how long the line is or how the text looks yet,
you can format the room later.
After you have typed the description, you can change the description in the editor
too, you don't have to write the room description all over because of one spelling
error. Type '.h' to see a list of options, use these things, they are very
After you have written a room description, you should format the room description.
To do this, type '.f' in the description editor, or type 'format' in redit.
Format does a wordwrap on the room, giving all the lines almost the same length so
it looks better.

Room flags

Almost every room should have one or more room flags. The room flags tells what kind
of place the room is and what works and what not. Rooms marked with the 'inside'
flag for example, will be places like buildings or caves. Messages of the weather or
night and day will not be given here and skills like forage won't work here.
For a list of room flags type '? room' while in redit. The names of the room
flags should explain just what they do.
Room flags or toggled on or off, do this by typing
'room <flag1>'.
To turn off a room flag, simply type 'room <flag>' again.
More flags can be added at one time just by typing more flags after 'room'.

Some room flag descriptions:

-dark         You need a light to see here.
-no_mob       Mobiles can't enter the room.
-indoors      Room is indoors (cave, house, ...)
-private      Only 2 persons or mobs can be in the room at the same time.
-safe         You cannot kill or use any offensive spells=skills here.
-solitary     Only one person/mob at the same time. (make sure no mob gets here)
-pet_shop     Marks the room as a pet shop! LOOK 2REDIT!
-no_recall    Recall, gate, summon or similar spells will not work.
-imp_only     Only implementors can go here.
-gods_only    Only immortals can go here (including savants).
-heroes_only  Only players with highest level can go here.
-newbies_only Only players with level below 5 can go here.
-law          KILLER and THIEF flag will be active here.
-donation     Donation room...
-nowhere      Don't know if that works with farsight, where doesn't exist.
-snare        Trap in room? *shrug*
-blacksmith   Don't use this.
-jail         Jail for naughty players, won't need this.

Sector flags

Each room MUST have one sector flag, so try and make sure the sector flag is right. The
sector flag is similar to the room flag, but there is only one type of sector in a room.
Sector flags make the room a mountain, or somewhere in the air or underwater or whatever.
To see a list of sector flags, type '? sector' while in redit. The names should
explain what they do. To change the sector flag simply type 'sector <flag>'.

Some sector flag descriptions:

- inside      The room is inside (cave, building)
- city        The room is outside, but skills like forage and the like still won't work.
- field       A field... ehm... you know
- forest      A forest, you can call snakes and forage and use woodland combat.
- hills       Increases moves used.
- mountain    Also increases moves used, but more.
- shallow     Shallow water, increase moves used, don't need swim yet.
- deep        Deep water, need swim to move around unless you have fly.
- underwater  Underwater, need swim and breathe water.
- air         Need fly to move in, out and around.
- desert      Increases moves used and makes thirst go faster.


When you arrive in a room, there will most likely be a place where you just came from
or where the room leads to. There are 3 ways of doing something like that.

An exit to a room that doesn't exist yet

To create an exit to a room that isn't there yet, you will have to create the exit
and in the same time make the new room. Do this by typing
'<direction> dig <vnum>'
This will not only make an exit to the <direction> in the room you were making, it will
also create a new room with <vnum> as vnum, put you in the redit for that room, and make
an exit in the new room back to the room you started in.
So suppose you're in room 1000 and type north dig 1001, room 1000 will get an exit north,
room 1001 will get created and will get an exit south, and you will be editting room

An exit to a room that already exists

To create this exit, make sure the room you want to create an exit to doesn't already
have an exit in the direction leading back to this room. To make this exit, type
'<direction> link <vnum>'. This will not only make an exit to room <vnum> in that
direction, it will also make an exit back to this room in the other room. So if you're
in room 1000 and type 'east link 1001' an east exit to room 1001 will be made in the
room you're in, and a west exit to this room will be made in room 1001. (If there was
already a west exit in room 1001, you will get an error message)

One way exits

One way exits will (as the name says) make an exit in the room you're working on, but
won't make an exit back to the room. To make a one way exit, type
'<direction> room <vnum>'.
So if you would be in room 1000 and type 'south room 1001', there will be a south exit
to room 1001, but room 1001 would not have a way back, and another north exit can
be made in room 1001 to a totally different room.


When you add a sign in the room, be sure you put something in the room description to
tell the players there is a sign in the room. (It will not make an object in the room
saying 'a sign stands here'.) The sign doesn't have to be called a sign neither, it can
be a plaque, some carvings, a writing in the sand… To make a sign type
'ed add <sign_keyword>'
You will be put in an editor where you can type what the sign says. You can format the
sign by typing ed format <keyword>. The keywords in the description editor will still
work too. After the sign has been made, everyone typing 'look <keyword> will see what
the sign says.
To delete a sign, type 'ed delete <keyword>'
To edit a sign, type 'ed edit <keyword>'


After making an exit to a certain direction, you can add a door to that exit.
Syntax: '<direction> door <door flag(s)>'
To see the different door flags, type '? exit', the names explain what they
do to the door, the difficulty flags say how hard the door is to pick.

Locked Doors

To lock a door, set the locked flag to mark it as a locked door, but you need to
THE KEY FIRST! If the object you assign as key doesn't exist or isn't a key,
VERY bad things happen! You can add the key later to a locked door in case you
forgot making the key.


A shop is nothing more than a room with a shopkeeper mob in it. So make a normal
room and put a shopkeeper mob there. (more in medit)
There is one shop that doesn't work that way though.
Petshops need to be flagged with the petshop room flag.
The next vnum will automaticly be marked as a pet shop storage room. All the mobs
resetting here should be marked as pet, and the room should be gods_only and
have no entrances or exits.

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