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 the same time, but will add one mob each reset-sequence until there are 10. the same time, but will add one mob each reset-sequence until there are 10.
-===== <font inherit/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Resetting ​objects:</​font>  ​=====+===== Resetting ​Objects ​=====
-===== <font 14px font-weight: normal; line-height:​ 1.4;/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Other ​reset commands:</font =====+Objects repop at a different way than mobs, this because an object can either\\ 
 +be loaded on the ground or on a mob or in a container.\\ 
 +To put an item on a mob, you must first add the reset of the mob. All the\\ 
 +objects that reset after that will be loaded on the mob unless you mark the\\ 
 +reset to load it in the room.\\ 
 +Syntax: '​reset ​<number> obj <​vnum>​ <​location on body>'​\\ 
 +This loads the object and puts it on the last mob resetted in the room. To\\ 
 +see the different locations, use '? wear-loc'.\\ 
 +Syntax: 'reset <​number>​ obj <​vnum>​ room'​\\ 
 +This will load the object in the room on the ground.\\ 
 +Syntax'​reset ​<numberobj <​vnum>​ inside <​object>'​\\ 
 +This will load the object in the assigned container. Make sure this container\\ 
 +is in the room before trying to add the reset, most likely the reset will not\\ 
 +be added, but it may crash the mud if it's not done right.\\ 
 +NOTE: Resetting in containers is very bugged! Do not do this unless there is\\ 
 +no other way, and even then, if it's important, it may be better to use mprogs\\ 
 +that put the object in the container.
-=====   ​=====+===== Other reset commands: ​===== 
 +'​rwhere <​keyword>' ​ Shows all resets in the area of objs/mobs with keyword.\\ 
 +'redit reset' ​      ​Forces the room to reset.
 ===== Quick resets: ===== ===== Quick resets: =====
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