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OEDIT Object Edit

What an object is I don't need to explain, how to make one, you will see now.
To make a new object, type 'oedit create <vnum>'.
To edit an existing one, type 'oedit <vnum>'.
To leave oedit type 'done'.
You shoulda guessed that already…
Type 'show' or hit return with an empty line to see the object.
You will see everything you can change about an object now, you should know
most of them already, but let's go over it. We will try and make a weapon here,
named 'The sword of savants'.


Name holds the keywords of the object, to avoid confusion, it shoulda been
named keywords, but I didn't write OLC and don't feel like rewriting it, so
it's name. The sword we're making will have 'sword savant' as name, not the
full 'The sword of savants'.
Type 'name sword savant' to set the keywords.
Now, when the object lies on the ground, you can type get sword or get savant
to pick it up.

Short description

This will set what the weapon looks like when you wield it or when it's in your
inventory. To set, type 'short <short desc>'.
Our sword will have color, so type '{yThe sword of savants'.

Long description

This determines what the weapon looks like when it's lying on the ground.
To set this, type 'long <long desc>'.
For our sword let's use 'long Some silly savant dropped his sword here.'


Type 'level <level>' to set the level of the object, in our case,
'level 101'

Sets how many the object will cost in a shop or when you sell it in silver.
(1 gold = 100 silver) It won't be bought for this much though, shops need profit.
Be reasonable setting cost, don't make a stick cost 50000000 silver.
Type 'cost <amount in silver>'. In our case, let's keep it at 0, making
money with savants is illegal :p


Sets the weight of the object, be reasonable with weight too, a pair of silk trousers
will weigh 10, a titanium breastplate may weigh 200 or more. Yes, 10 would be
much for the trousers and 200 is almost as much as the weight equipment here weighs,
but the weight you set is 10 times as much as the weight that shows up in lore or when
you carry it. So the trousers would weigh 1 pound is you set it to 10. Our weapon is
a pretty big sword, so let's set weight to 10 pounds by typing 'weight 100'.​

Object type

This sets what the object is. Is is a fountain, a container, a sword or
a piece of armor… '? type' should show a list of types, the names should
explain themselves. (NOTE: Do NOT use roomkey, use key instead!)
Setting the type, as you just might have guessed, 'type <type>'
Since we're makings a sword, set type to 'type weapon'.
Some new object flags v0 to v4 will appear now, we'll discuss those later.


This is the wear location of the item. When you want the eq to be worn or even just
picked up, always have 'take' in the wear flag. Objects without this will always
be loaded in the room and can't be picked up (this is funny when you do it with cash ;)
'? wear' will show the different wear locations, you should know those already.
To set it, type 'wear <wear location>'. Be careful, do NOT set more than one wear
location! (besides 'take' that is) Our sword will obviously be wielded so type
'wear take wield'.
To remove a wear flag, type 'wear <flag>' again.


Whatever it's supposed to do, it doesn't work here… So well, leave it as it is if you
want to, or fill it in if you have too much free time.

Extra flags

Extra flags are things like hum, glow, sticky, magic, noremove, whatever.
'? extra' will show a list. Set it with 'extra <1 or more flags>'.
To remove a flag, just toggle it off by typing it again. Our weapon is nice looking
equipment, so let's make it 'extra glow hum burnproof bless magic'

v0 to v4

Most object types have special values, to determine the damroll of a weapon,
to assign a portal to lead to a certain vnum, to assign a liquid type to
a drink container or fountain.
The v0 to v4 changes, some have all, some have 3, some have none.
The names of the v0 to v4 should be self-explaining. Typing '? <v-keyword>'
gives a list of values that can be assigned to them if there is one.


Mobifiers can be added to an object, changing stats, hps, mana, etc. when you
wear the eq.
Syntax: 'addaffect <location> <modifier>'.
Locations are the first 3 letters of a stat (luc, str, dex), hp/mana/moves or
Make sure the modifiers you add to an object are all according to
specs. (If you don't have specs, ask imms a.s.a.p!)
To remove an affect, type 'delaff <modifier_number>'.

Extra descriptions

Adding extra descriptions, to a map for example, work the same way as in redit.
'ed add <keyword>', 'ed edit <keyword>', 'ed delete <keyword>',
'ed format <keyword>'.

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